Reputational Risk Manager

Reputational Risk Manager


Reputational Risk Manager

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Location: Canada & USA


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Closing Date

28 January 2023

Career Stream

Enterprise Wide Risk Management

Leadership Pipeline

Manage Self: Professional

Job Purpose

To provide expertise; advice; assistance; consultancy services and general support through partnering with clusters across the group on reputational risk matters and guiding the risk
intelligence approach and solutions to reputational risk 

Job Responsibilities

  • Supporting in the continuous, proactive and consistent management of reputational risks (current and emerging) for the Group through close collaboration with Group Legal, Group Financial Crime Forensics
  • and Security, and Group AML, CFT and Sanctions.
  • Establish and maintain a reputational risk management philosophy and culture within the organization.
  • Develop, maintain, manage and execute a comprehensive process for identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring and reporting on reputational risks that may impact on the organisations performance.
  • Conducting research and drafting opinions on reputational risk related matters and providing strategic input and recommendations on frameworks and policies from a reputational risk perspective.
  • Managing the relationship with the Commissions of Inquiry and investigative bodies.
  • Build and sustain business relations to ensure satisfied internal and external stakeholders, including the management of stakeholder expectations across various levels of the group.
  • Optimise reputational risk management, working closely with Group RiskCo-ordination of the Group Exco’s Group Reputational Risk Committee through Cluster-wide
  • coordination and consultation - collating and reviewing submissions and preparing meeting reports.
  • Review, update and align all reputational risk related governance documents (charters, escalation frameworks, and role and responsibility documents).
  • Adverse media monitoring and assisting in the preparation of holding statements, working closely with Group Legal and Group Strategic Communications.
  • Co-ordinating and preparing internal reports, across the organization, for Group Exco and the Board.
  • Co-ordinating and preparing external reports pertaining to reputational risk.
  • Optimise the reputational risk management performance of Green Finance by assisting the business to identify, recommend and execute risk management strategies within the Group's defined risk appetite.

Essential Qualifications - NQF Level

  • Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees

Preferred Qualification

Bachelor of Commerce: Law , Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees

Minimum Experience Level

5-8 years working experience as a Reputational Risk Manager/Similar Role working with Reputational Risk Governance/Litigation Matter that pose Reputational Risk/Reputational Risk Framework escalations/Media queries and Interactions with relevant commissions within the Banking/Financial Services Industry.

Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Banking knowledge
  • Industry trends
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Risk management process and frameworks
  • Business writing skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Risk Management
  • Principles of Programme Management

Behavioural Competencies

  • Applied Learning
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Customer Focus
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Quality Orientation
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills


Please contact the Green Finance Recruiting Team at +1 (826) 224 1312

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