Benefit from equity you’ve built in your home loan

Your home loan can help you meet other financial goals. If you have been paying off a home loan for some years, chances are you have achieved a level of equity that can be useful in these tough economic times.

Load-shedding: Time to invest in solar power?

Dream of cutting ties with the grid. You can build your independence in stages. The term ‘load-shedding’ was first used in late 2007, so Africans have been coping with regular power interruptions on the national grid for 14 years. There’s no

Avoid costly mistakes with tax-free investments

Finance from one tax-free account to another can have tax consequences. Tax-free investments are designed to encourage proactive long-term saving. The value proposition is simple – invest in ring-fenced funds and you’ll pay no taxes on your capital gains, dividends or

Retirement savings options and how they differ

Retirement savings products are similar, but different. Which is right for you? Saving for your retirement can be confusing and frustrating if you’re not financially minded. The danger this poses is that you might switch off whenever your pension is mentioned,

How to read an investment fund fact sheet

Build your knowledge and become a more confident investor. You don’t need to be an investment expert to get a better grip on the retirement or other funds you’ve invested in. If you have a company pension fund, you probably

Apart from retirement, what else should you invest in?

Investing is a life-long journey, here is how you can travel it. The moment we start working, we learn about the need to manage our money. If we’re well advised, we learn the value of saving for retirement while in

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