Unclaimed Benefits At Green Finance Global Inc.

Unclaimed Benefits At Green Finance Global Inc.


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Unclaimed Funds Definition

Financial assets that have not been used for a length of time or have unknown ownership. Unclaimed property can include uncashed payroll checks or other checks, dormant bank accounts, refunds, customer overpayments, security deposits, insurance payments, stocks and bonds, etc.

Extended Definition
All businesses must forward all unclaimed funds or unclaimed property to their state in accordance with their state’s escheat laws. The state holds unclaimed funds in trust and attempts to locate the rightful owner of the property.

Green Finance Global Inc., 1st March 2023 – Green Finance Global Inc. is committed to acting in the best interest of all beneficiaries of unclaimed benefits. We have a robust governance structure in place to manage all unclaimed benefits.

In this regard, and notwithstanding the challenges to trace beneficiaries, the company has embarked on an exercise to enhance the quality of the historic data on our records. The challenge is that the data is poor (lack of ID numbers, full names, addresses, contact numbers etc) which results in an inability to identify beneficiaries.

All unclaimed benefits remain invested to the benefit of the beneficiaries until they have been successfully paid.

Potential beneficiaries can contact Green Finance on +44 (0) 7700 308404 or email invest@greenfinans.com or green@greenfinans.com . Alternatively, potential beneficiaries can access the Green Finance Financial Sector Conduct Authority (GFFSCA) website https://www.greenfinans.com/unclaimed-benefits-at-green-finance-global-inc/
which will guide them on their relevant funds’ respective administrators. The GFFSCA
website contains information of the relevant administrator and whether there is a potential benefit due to them. The company provides quarterly updates on progress with tracing of and payment to beneficiaries to the GFFSCA.

Green Finance is a specialised financial services group headquartered in United States focusing on employee benefits solutions for institutional clients, and financial well-being and retail financial solutions for individual clients, in particular employees of the Group’s institutional clients. Green Finance is listed on the
United States Stock Exchange (“USSE”), and its primary clients span both the private and public-sector market segments, including employers, retirement, health, investment and other special purpose funds on the institutional side, and individual members and beneficiaries of these funds, as well as the wider individual market, on the retail side.

The main services provided by the Group include retirement funds and asset
consulting, actuarial, investment and administration services, employee risk benefits and healthcare consulting, personal lines insurance, individual financial advisory and multi-manager investment solutions. Green Finance’s principal geographic focus is in United States, Canada, United kingdom and South Africa, where it has been operating since 1935, sub-Saharan
Africa, the UK and other selected Emerging Market jurisdictions.

Green Finance Global: Ryan Nicholas, Drake Philemon Bukes Executive: Brand, Marketing, Comms and CSI: info@greenfinans.com; +44 7700 308404


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