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Green Banking Services

Banks are developing new products and services that respond to customers demand for sustainable choices.

Green Banking Strategies

According to MdShafiqul and Prahalled (2013), green banking activities involve two major approaches i.e., green transformation of internal operation and environmentally responsible financing.

GREEN LOAN:  A green loan is a form of financing that enables borrowers to use the proceeds to exclusively fund projects that make a substantial contribution to an environmental objective. A green loan is similar to a green bond in that it raises capital for green eligible projects. However, a green loan is based on a loan that is typically smaller than a bond and done in a private operation.

A green bond usually has a bigger volume, may have higher transaction costs, and could be listed on an exchange or privately placed. Green loans and green bonds also follow different but consistent principles:

Smarter ways to BORROW

Enjoy simpler, more affordable credit solutions that are tailored to your needs. Green LOAN


Make better finance choices with Green LOAN

You can have the finance you need when you need it, with the benefit of flexible repayments, competitive interest rates and great lifestyle rewards. enjoy short-term loan offers at a zero-percent interest rate, and other personalised investment solutions that can be delivered to you within minutes

                                            GREEN LOAN PLANS

Student Plan

Our flexible student plan with 2.0 % interest rate gives your academics a stand.

  • Undergraduate

  • Post Graduate . 

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Personal Loan Plan

We’re making it easier to own a dream home and car with a Personalize loan of up to 105% on 3.0 % interest rate.

  • Home
  • Vehicle.

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Enterprise / Business Plan

Archive your goal, expand your enterprise by accessing Green Finance Enterprise Borrowing Plan.

  • Start-up Plan
  • Company Finance Plan.

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Loan Modalities and Required Monthly Interest Rates!

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Green Finance Global Inc.:

(a). Minimum Loan Offer: $10,000.00 USD

(b). Maximum Loan Offer:  $1,000.000.00 USD

(c). Click HERE to Apply NOW

Loan Categories – Minimum/Maximum:  CUSTOMER REQUEST
S/No.: Loan Product
Interest Rate Minimum Offer  Maximum Offer


Student Loan

2.00 %




Personal Loan

3.00 %




Enterprise Loan

5.00 %




Business Loan

5.00 %



Choose from the above Loan Category: The one with your priority.

To get your loan
in 3 easy steps

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Simply Apply

Select “Apply Now..” on your preferred plan. If you meet all the requirements, you can complete the online form.
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Consider your offer

We’ll run some quick affordability tests, and if your credit score is in order we’ll offer you an amount that you can adjust to suit your needs.
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Finalize your Offer

Once you’ve accepted the offer, we may ask you to submit any documents that we might need before we can credit you.

Capitec personalised loan

Why choose a personal loan?

  • Get up to $500,000.00 over 72 months
  • Choose what works for you – the amount you want, the lowest monthly instalment or the lowest interest rate
  • Credit is approved in minutes and the money is available immediately
  • Pay fixed monthly repayments
  • Get interest rates from 2.0%
  • Consolidate all your existing loans for easier monthly repayments
  • Add affordable credit insurance, including retrenchment and death cover
  • Manage your credit using our app

Click HERE To Know More About Green Finance Loan / Private Investment: Watch Video…

How to apply

  • Online or on our app
  • Visit a branch
Documents needed
  • Original Verification  document (must be 18 years or older)
  • A Green Finance  bank Account: Open Account Here, If you have none
Your offer is based on your affordability and credit profile
  • Your banking and credit history 
  • Your income and expenses to see how much you can afford
  • You choose the credit amount that you want
  • You choose the monthly instalment that suits your cash flow or the option that gives you the best interest rate

Need credit but earn an income other than a salary? We’ve got you!

We offer loans of up to $500,000.00 to self-employed clients who earn a monthly salary from their business. As a business owner, you’ll apply for credit in your own personal capacity and not as a business.

To apply for a business loan, your business must be registered as one of the following:

  • Association not for gain
  • Close Corporation (CC)
  • Incorporated (Inc)
  • Public (Ltd) or Private company (Pty Ltd)
  • Trust

NOTE:  Mandatory $500  Loan Withdraw fee is charged to all International BORROWER:  This is applicable to all newly account users “less than 90days”  Customer [s] Only!

Less than 90days Account Users:  A deposit of $500 is required to enable Account Withdrawal Permission, into user’s Country; Local Bank Account MAKE DEPOSIT NOW!

Finalize your Offer

Once you’ve accepted the offer, we may ask you to submit any documents that we might need before we can credit you.

Click Here to VIEW Loan:  TERMS & CONDITIONS

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