Wealth Manager

Wealth Manager


Wealth Manager

Job Classification

Details: VISA FREE
Location: Canada & USA
Date:  08-Jan-2023

Please note:- Preference will be given to Individuals from Underrepresented Groups

Job Family

Investment Banking

Career Stream


Leadership Pipeline

Manage Self: Professional

FAIS Affected

FAIS Affected - Yes

Job Purpose

Please Note - The role is based in George - Southern Cape. You will therefore be required to reside in George or its surrounding areas.

To manage clients' wealth needs through an ongoing advisory process to achieve Green Finance strategic goals of client centricity and revenue generation; as per the business strategy.

Job Responsibilities

•Contribute to a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals by participating in Green Finance Culture building initiatives (e.g. staff surveys etc.).
•Participate and support corporate social responsibility initiatives for the achievement of key business strategies.
•Identify and recommend opportunities to enhance processes; systems and policies and support implementation of new processes; policies and systems.
•Deliver on due dates through the timeous documenting and scheduling of reviews.
•Focus on eliminating waste and optimising vendor expenditure by managing the billing analysis and audit process.
•Obtain cost efficiencies by promoting competition as a mechanismDefine the savings that could be extracted; by advising and guiding internal stakeholders on the management thereof.
•Keep abreast of legislation and other industry changes that impacts on role by reading the relevant newsletters; websites and attending sessions.
•Understand and embrace the Green finance vision and demonstrate the values through interaction with team and stakeholders.
•Improve personal capability and stay abreast of developments in field of expertise by identifying training courses and career progression for self through input and feedback from managersEnsure personal growth and enable effectiveness in performance of roles and responsibilities by ensuring all learning activities are completed; experience practiced and certifications obtained and/or maintained within specified time frames.
•Ensure information is provided correctly to stakeholders by maintaining knowledge sharing knowledge with team.
•Ensure all successes are communicated to Group Technology through the various publications ( e.g. Full View; Engage) Actively working towards building a network across all areas in GT and understanding the end to end service.
•Oversee service level agreements by managing and tracing the SLA reviews and by updating appropriate registers and plans accordinglyIdentify recurrent incidents and incidents that are not yet matched to existing incident data through the Analysis of incident data.
•Identify problems or known errors and record incidents resulting from incident data for which a structural solution has to be found.
•Determine the root cause; by reviewing the problem resolution with specialist staff and reference the relevant supporting documentation.
•Monitor and follow up on issues raised that might cause possible compliance and risk issues by documenting and reporting issues to the relevant stakeholders as well as tracking and monitoring solutions.
•Ensure that the databases are updated and deadlines are met.
•Document all successes for future reference and lessons learned.
•Manage quarterly reviews and recognition though communication thereof Manage the implementation of the Knowledge Management Plan and systems; policies and processes.
•Promote Knowledge Management principles; processes and procedures to encourage collaboration and information sharing.
•Produce and distribute Management reports by collating the required information.
•Ensure contract process is followed by working in close relation with the Vendor Management and contracting office.
•Ensure the availability of reliable and secure knowledge; information and data throughout the Service Lifecycle.
•Use; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees; including external stakeholders; through the use of customer service skills.
•Meet client needs by sending necessary communications to the targeted audienceBuild and maintain relationships by ensuring thatall data on the Information TechnologyService Management Catalogue is updated and communicatedCreate internal synergy by providing information on progress.

People Specification


Essential Qualifications - NQF Level

  • Matric / Grade 12 / National Senior Certificate
  • National Certificates and Occupational Awards

Preferred Qualification

Commercial degree/diploma e.g. B.Comm/B.Sc Actuarial Science/Business Science, Certified Financial Analyst, Regulatory FAIS Exams

Essential Certifications

  • FPI (Financial Planning Institute) membership

Preferred Certifications


Type of Exposure

  • Designed Workforce Planning Solutions
  • Developed and Implemented Communications Strategy
  • Improved Processes and Culture
  • Managed Governance
  • Managed Process Results
  • Managed Relationships
  • Managed Self and Team
  • Managed budget
  • Supported Transformation, Change and continued Improvement
  • Provided operational support for Governance, Compliance and risk based assurance

Minimum Experience Level

3-5 years related experience

Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Business terms and definitions
  • Business writing
  • Communication Strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Governance, Risk and Controls
  • Industry trends
  • Microsoft Office
  • Principles of financial management
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Decision-making process

Behavioral Competencies

  • Continuous Learning
  • High-Impact Communication
  • Managing Work
  • Sales Disposition
  • Sustaining Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills


Please contact the Green Finance Recruiting Team at +1 (826) 224 1312


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