Offshore Account Opening

Offshore Account Opening

Green Finance Global enables all our valued clients to open offshore accounts in a streamlined and smooth manner. Our experienced professionals will provide you with the needed information for opening an offshore account. Along with this we also provide cash management services and payment transfers for international and local payments.

Below is a checklist for account opening with the KYC questionnaire:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Latest Extract
  • Good Standing Certificate for Company from a Local Lawyer of their Country with Notarized Documents
  • Copies of Passports for All Directors and Shareholders
  • Address Confirmation for All Shareholders/Directors
  • Address Confirmation for Company (Utility or Lease Agreement)
  • Company Profile
  • Board Resolution to Highlight that it was agreed to open The Account and Signatory for the Account
  • Tax Certificate
  • Passport Size Photos for The Signatories

Contact us today to avail our offshore account opening services. We will ensure to deliver our services in the shortest time to you.

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Investec Bank
JP Morgan
Bank of America
Royal Bank of Canada
Mizuho Financial Group
Zenith Bank PLC
JP Bank Japan

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