Green Technology Investment

Green Technology Investment

Invest In Green Tech? Less risk: experts

Hawaiians have the highest electricity rates in the country.  Switching to a Hawaii solar provider like Pacific Energy will do more than just help you save money on your electricity bills.

Solar panels are not only cost-effective to install, but their price has reduced by almost 80% in the previous decade. With Hawaii’s solar tax credit, now is a great time for solar buyers to gain energy independence and break free from fossil fuel dependence while saving money. By filing with the federal government, you can get a second tax credit. This gives you even more financial incentive to get moving sooner rather than later.

How Does Hawaii Solar Tax Credit Work?

Let’s find out how Hawaii solar tax credit work:

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

One of the most important federal policy measures to assist the expansion of solar energy in the United States is the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Since the ITC was adopted in 2006, the solar business in the United States has grown by over 10,000%. It has produced hundreds of thousands of jobs and invested billions of dollars in the economy. SEIA has been a strong champion for several extensions of this important tax credit. This includes the most recent postponement of the credit phasedown until December 2020.

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