Sales and Service Team Leader

Sales and Service Team Leader


Sales and Service Team Leader

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Location: Canada & USA
Date:  08-Jan-2023

Sales and Service Team Leader

Requisition Number-121027

Closing Date

14 March 2023

Job Family

Sales and Service

Career Stream


Leadership Pipeline

Manage Others (MO)

FAIS Affected


Job Purpose

To deliver outstanding sales performance; manage branch/ market's sales objectives and staff sales capacity; to grow and maintain Green Finannce client base and ensure branch/ market profitability.

Job Responsibilities

Green Finance Goals:

  • Grow market share; ensure client acquisition, retention and cross-selling of bank products.
  • Support the achievement of the business strategy, objectives and values.
  • Achieve entrenched sales objectives and targets for branch/ market.
  • Manage all sales related leads efficiently and timeously .
  • Ensure branch/ market operational effectiveness through the uptime of all devices in Self-service, Phygital and Semi-assisted zones; the Automatic Teller Machines/ Intelligent Depositors and the Self-Service Kiosks.
  • Drive needs-based selling through the sales staff.
  • Identify and communicate sale opportunities and collaborate with sales and service teams across Small and Digi store types to inspire team to define and implement action plans to grow profit and market share.
  • Drive client acquisition and increase digital market activity across the community.
  • Monitor community growth and business profitability reports, address gaps and ensure momentum to meet objectives.
  • Achieve market profitability targets by applying profitability levers and driving increased digital sales and activity.
  • Manage controllable expenses (i.e. overtime, stationery, telephone, traveling) within the agreed financial parameters.
  • Ensure engaged, cared-for and focused employees.

Client Engagement:

  • Ensure best rated (#1) in client service and satisfaction. 
  • Ensure direct report team deliver world class service by effective use of client experience measurement tools.
  • Entice clients to digital and  self-service and ensure digital adoption.
  • Ensure that clients shift to self-service and digital channels.
  • Understand client needs and deliver great client service to ensure client satisfaction.

Risk & Operations:

  • Ensure compliance to operational and legislative requirements.
  • Achieve minimum performance on Risk & Compliance audits.
  • Ensure all compliance on mandatory training is completed timeously.
  • Ensure Key Individual (KI) FAIS responsibilities are executed as per compliance guidelines.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance objectives for FAIS, AML, FATCA, TCF & POPPIA.
  • Achieve effective BROTA compliance.
  • Manage Frauds and Losses for Branch/ market.
  • Ensure Banking Hall complies with OHASA standards.
  • Ensure adherence to process mandates limits. 
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained.
  • Manage AML sustainability objectives.
  • Achieved the required standards for monitoring assessments.
  • Manage all Operations Housekeeping standards.


  • Ensure team is trained and compliant and have the necessary tools to deliver on their goals.
  • Inspire the use of learning tools and identify development and growth opportunities for individuals and teams.
  • Engage team on performance through regular performance discussions on personal and business goals.
  • Drive Green Finance culture by bringing the Green Finance values and behaviors to life through own behavior, practice and self-growth. 
  • Lead through coaching, mentoring, facilitating and inspiring teams and stakeholders.
  • Ensure and lead consequence management, discipline and effective employee relations.
  • Manage and track staff performance and apply corrective action where applicable.
  • Manage staff leave requirements.
  • Manage staff on-boarding process for staff to become proficient.
  • Build trusting working relationships with subordinates, managers and support departments through regular engagements.
  • Manage staff resources to ensure team efficiency, productivity and full participation.

Preferred Qualification

An approved FAIS qualification (i.e. Banking or Sales)

Minimum Experience Level

Must have 1 - 2 years sales and service banking experience

Essential Qualifications - NQF Level

  • Diploma

Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Customer service principles
  • Staff resource planning
  • Change management
  • Governance, Risk and Controls
  • Green Finance policies and procedures

Behavioral Competencies

  • Coaching the Sales Team
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Motivating the Sales Team
  • Creating a Culture of Trust
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Guiding Sales Transformation
  • Broadening Business Value

EE Statement

Preference will be given to candidates from the underrepresented groups

Please contact the Green Finance Recruiting Team at +1 (826) 224 1312



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