Operational Risk Manager

Operational Risk Manager


Operational Risk Manager

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Location: Canada & USA
Closing Date:  07-Feb-2023



  • Canada & USA

Job Family

  • Risk, Audit and Compliance

Career Stream

  • Operational Risk

Leadership Pipeline

  • Manage Self: Professional

Job Purpose

  • To monitor, provide support and report on the implementation of the Operational Risk Management Framework in Green Finance and its subsidiaries to comply to regulatory requirements and ensure alignment to international best practice

Job Responsibilities

FACILITATE GOVERNANCE: Maintain a strong oversight of the Operational Risk Management Framework (ORMF) in terms of adherence to Group Policies and Procedures, Regulatory requirements and sound corporate governance principles.
•    Provide input into the enhancement of the ORMF methodologies, policies, processes and provide guidance through research in order to address operational risk challenges in Green finance and its subsidiaries.
•    Ensure the implementation of the ORMF across Clusters. 
•    Embedding and enhancing the Advanced Measurement Approach (AMA) requirements.  
•    Aiding in the embedment and enhancement of the New Standardized Approach (NSA) requirements.

  • Provide insights into change management practices to be applied for the roll out of NSA.

•    Aligning operational risk management and oversight capabilities with group risk appetite framework.
•    Champion innovation and best practice enhancements in operational risk management and oversight. 
•    Improve the effectiveness and relevance of internal and external loss operational risk data through the analysis, interpretation and increased usage of operational risk data elements and benchmark against international best practice for improved operational risk practices. 
•    Review outcome of operational risk practices of stakeholders by analysing, reviewing and assessing internal controls via targeted assurance reviews/activities. 
•    Develop and execute a Risk Assurance plan to ensure adequate oversight and coverage of key risks within the Group.
•    Monitor and analyse major operational risk losses and control breakdowns through the facilitation of root cause analysis conducted by stakeholders and recommend appropriate corrective action and/or interventions. 
•    Identify regulatory changes and potential future operational risk impacts through scanning of the business, regulatory and international environments to enable stakeholders to prepare for future potential operational risks. 
•    Create, promote and embed a culture of operational risk management by providing operational risk training interventions, client engagements and awareness.
•     MANAGE REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS: Maintain regulatory requirements and sound corporate governance principles.
•    Provide input into, and advice on the alignment between regulatory capital and Green Finance clusters' risk profile and risk appetite by recommending corrective action or mitigating strategies to minimize exposure.
•    BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Establish, maintain and manage strategic partnerships and long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders. 
•    PROMOTE DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING: Take ownership of your role and personal development to cultivate a deeper understanding of information to better meet requirements of internal and external stakeholders. 

Essential Qualifications - NQF Level

  • Professional Qualifications/Honour’s Degree

Preferred Qualification

  • BCom in Risk Management, Finance, Financial Management, Accounting, Auditing or Information Systems

Minimum Experience Level

  • 3 or more years of banking experience
  • Technical skills and business acumen – Risk Management and governance process
  • Internal and external reporting

Type of Exposure

Conducting root cause analysis
•    Analysing situations or data that requires an in-depth evaluation of multiple factors
•    Developing ways to minimize risks
•    Drafting executive and board committee risk reports
•    Managing conflict situations
•    Influencing stakeholders to obtain buy-in for concepts and ideas
•    Sharing information in different ways to increase stakeholders understanding
•    Brainstorming ways of improving a product or situation
•    Challenging the status quo with a view to improving the environment or peoples understanding
•    Communicating standards to others
•    Comparing two or more sets of information
•    Conducting a needs analysis
•    Writing business proposals  
•    Working with a group to identify alternative solutions to a problem
•    Interacting with diverse people
•    Interacting with regulatory, supervisory and industry bodies
•    Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders
•    Analysing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data
•    Interacting with various levels of management 
•    Managing multiple projects
•    Answering customer questions
•    Communicating complex information written and orally
•    Identifying risk industry trends
•    Checking accuracy of reports and records
•    Conducting gap analysis
•    Coordinating and securing buy-in from internal stakeholders
•    Preparing and delivering presentation
•    Providing professional advice/opinion
•    Using different approaches in new work situations
•    Analysing business operations
•    Conducting research from multiple sources
•    Conducting root cause analysis
•    Integrating different sources of information 

Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Change management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Governance, Risk and Controls
  • Industry trends
  • Principles of financial management
  • Principles of project management
  • Relevant regulatory knowledge
  • Relevant software and systems knowledge
  • Research methodology
  • Cluster Specific Operational Knowledge

Behavioural Competencies

  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Building Partnerships
  • Building Trust
  • Planning and Organising
  • Decision Making
  • Adaptability
  • Managing Work
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Tenacity


Please contact the Green Finance Recruiting Team at +1 (826) 224 1312

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