Retail Banking Product & Services:

Retail Banking Product & Services:

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Green Finance Global Inc.,  delivers superior tailor-made services and experiences to all her customers at all times through diversified quality product and self service offerings:

Retail banking is a banking facility that offers financial services to the general population rather than companies. It certainly helps retail customers conduct their daily financial dealings more effectively and safely. Also labeled as “consumer banking,” it occurs between consumers and their banks.

Retail banking services are provided both on online portals and offline branches. Moreover, it incorporates savings and checking account, credit cards, consumer loans, debit cards, internet banking services, and mortgages. Simply put, it is a consumer-oriented banking approach.

Each Product category payment plan runs off a calendar year beginning in January and ending in December.

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Investec Bank
JP Morgan
Bank of America
Royal Bank of Canada
Mizuho Financial Group
Zenith Bank PLC
JP Bank Japan

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