E-Banking Products:

E-Banking Products:

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Green Finance Global Inc.,  delivers superior tailor-made services and experiences to all her customers at all times through diversified quality product and self service offerings:

E-banking is a product designed for the purposes of online banking that enables you to have easy and safe access to your bank account.
E-banking is a safe, fast, easy and efficient electronic service that enables you access to bank account and to carry out online banking services, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
With this service you save your time by carrying out banking transactions at any place and at any time, from your home or office, all you need is internet access. E-banking enables the following:
• Accurate statement of all means available in your bank account 
• Statement of current account, credits, overdrafts and your deposits
• Execution of national and international transfers in various currencies 
• Execution of all types of utility bill payments (electricity, water supply, telephone bills, etc..)
• Carrying out customs payments 
• Electronic confirmation for all transactions executed by E-banking 
• Management of your credit cards 

Each Product category payment plan runs off a calendar year beginning in January and ending in December.

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Investec Bank
JP Morgan
Bank of America
Royal Bank of Canada
Mizuho Financial Group
Zenith Bank PLC
JP Bank Japan

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