Cooperate Banking Products:

Cooperate Banking Products:

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Corporate banking is a very important division within many large commercial and bulge bracket banks; this team serves as a critical link between the commercial banking group and the capital markets/investment banking teams.

Corporate banking teams provide financial services like cash management, payment processing, credit products, and hedging strategies to large corporations. Most of these corporations are publicly traded.

The term “corporate banking” is often used erroneously by non-finance people when talking about the provisioning of banking services to corporations (broadly); however, there is much more nuance when it comes to banking for businesses.

Key Highlights

  • “Corporate banking” is not the same as providing banking services to just any corporation; it refers to products and services offered to very large, typically publicly traded companies.
  • Corporate bankers tend to have extensive lending and capital markets or investment banking experience.
  • One of the most common financial services provided to corporate banking clients is syndicated lending.
  • An important rationale behind extending credit to corporate banking clients is to develop strong relationships in order to secure future investment banking opportunities.

Each Product category payment plan runs off a calendar year beginning in January and ending in December.

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